Our Feature on The World's Largest Fitness Website

Bodybuilding.com recently released a written piece analysing women's protein requirements. The article, which was published to their community of 29 million unique monthly visitors, is based on the results of our team's study from the Physique Enhancement Lab at the University of South Florida.

Dr. Bill Campbell PhD is the lead author of the paper titled: 'Effects of a high (2.4g/kg) vs low/moderate (1.2g/kg) protein intake on body composition in aspiring female physique athletes engaging in an 8-week resistance training program'. Dr. Layne Norton PhD (biolayne.com), Laurin Conlin M.S. (laurinconlin.com), Amey Christiana (shewolfmode.com) and I all feature as part of the co-authoring research team.

You can read the aptly named 'How Much Protein Do Women Really Need?' here.

The study itself had some surprising outcomes, which you can learn more about on Bodybuilding.com and my article 'A High vs Low Protein Intake on Muscle and Fat: Our Study Summary'.

Having began my fitness journey absorbing all I could from Bodybuilding.com articles 8 years ago - this feature served as a surreal moment for me. The chance to be a part of the USF research team brought things full circle, by now enabling me to contribute towards fellow readers' nutrition knowledge.


I would love to hear what you think of the study and the results. Rapturous praise or brutal criticisms welcome. You can leave it in the comments, blow up my Instagram linked below, or take the discussion directly to my email inbox.

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