New Year, New Gains Coaching Package

New Year, New Gains Coaching Package


Top-quality small group coaching, designed to get you growing in 2019.

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One-to-one online coaching is my craft. Whilst I wouldn’t trade my career for the world - there are two key problems with it:

  1. My current clients have my books full

  2. The costs don’t fit everyone’s budget

It’s frustrating to turn away dozens of you week on week, and especially when more people than ever need top-notch, science-backed information.

Enter the ‘New Year, New Gains’ coaching group, which I’ve created to take even more of you lovely lot from good-to-great, for less money than ever before.

Here’s what’s included for just £18 per week:

  • A meticulously detailed training plan, spanning 2 entire months of workouts.

  • A guide for nutrition, and personal macro calculations, which explains all you’ll need-to-know about eating for maximal muscle gain.

  • A no-BS, science-backed supplement handbook to eek out every last inch of progress.

  • Private access to a first-class community of strong-ass women (literally) to pursue your muscle gain goals with.

  • Full access to me as your ongoing coach to answer every single question that comes up.

  • Exclusive weekly videos to learn about topics you need-to-know, like: nutrient timing, when/how to adjust your macros, how to maximise your gym performance, and more.

All-in-all, you’re investing in results.

You’re purchasing my proven methods, years of coaching experience, and first-class exercise science education, for less than HALF the price of my one-to-one coaching. This is your ticket to the next-level.

If you’re ready to grow in 2019, and start your year off right - I’m here to help.

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Note: The coaching group begins on the 7th January, 2019. By enrolling now you’re securing your space, and you’ll receive all documents and downloads in due time. The duration is 2 months, or 8 full weeks from the start date.